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Pure nature.

No tricks, no frills, no sugar.

Our perennial favorite: bye bye carbohydrates! Hi low carb!

Why CrunchyFair Crunchy Mueslis?

We at CrunchyFair see ourselves in the service of the consumer and stand for healthy nutrition and a conscious, sustainable approach to nature and the people who bake and pack each and every one of our products in unique manual work with full dedication.

We are very proud and happy that our mueslis are sustainably produced in workshops for disabled people in the Camphill village community in Münsterland.

With the purchase of each individual CrunchyFair product, you support Camphill's socially important work.

Thank you very much for this valuable contribution to supporting the work and care of the disabled.

CrunchyFair can do even more!

CrunchyFair deliberately avoids the use of sugar and fat in the production of its Crunchy Dream Mueslis and offers much more:

No use of artificial ingredients. Our mueslis are free from colourings, flavorings and preservatives
Our low-carb crunchy mueslis contain only soy from organic EU farming
All our products are 100% non-GMO
Our low-carb mueslis are grain-free, high in fiber and have a protein content of 27%-32%. The carbohydrate content is between 5%-6% depending on the variety
We offer honest, sustainable craftsmanship, carefully selected organic raw materials in combination with a wonderfully healthy crunch!
...and the CrunchyFair mueslis also taste super delicious and fill you up!

No tricks, no frills.

What applies to knuspur's organic crunchy muesli also applies to our company itself. Sustainability, responsibility and fair treatment of consumers, employees and resources are not buzzwords, but form the basis of our entrepreneurial activities.


knuspur is the world's only manufacturer of vegan organic crunchy muesli without added sugar, sugar substitutes and fats. Simply pure nature. This is made possible by the careful manual processing of exclusively selected organic raw materials. In this context, we also deliberately refrain from using any colouring, flavoring or preservatives. The fact that we work together with the Camphill workshops for people with disabilities is not a means to an end, but an expression of our conviction.


With knuspur organic crunchy muesli, consumers decide for themselves for the first time how sweet their crunchy muesli should be: they enjoy it with its purely natural sweetness or refine it with honey, thick juice or syrup, depending on their taste. This is how they experience their new sugar freedom. In addition, our two low-carb varieties with an average of 92% less carbohydrates than conventional crunchy muesli are ideal for consumers who want to eat a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in fiber and protein, such as athletes and diabetics.




Berry Right >>

My first, the last, my everything: knuspur wild berry fruity rasp-berries, blackberries and blue-berries mingle sensually with crunchy spelt and oat flakes. Roasted almonds can't get enough of the love either.



Game of Bohns >>

Deliciously royal: In knuspur super-cocoa highly-born cocoa nibs swing the scepter. 

Topped with the finest carob powder, there is the full bean cocoa package for majestic crispy enjoyment every day

<< Low-Carb,

     High Times

The good mood mix of soy flakes, flax seeds, roasted almonds, pumpkin and sun-flower seeds ensures a permanent grin. 
Cheers, cheers, happy, rejoicing:

knuspur low-carb soyflaky




<< Magic Spelt

Thinks of something better and it is too.

Tailored from baked flaxseed, spelled and millet flakes as well as roasted kernels.

Bon appétit:

knuspur spelt flaky

purkakaoig_quadratisch 1000pixel_Galller






Mango & Fresh >>

This fruity team of mango and pineapple stirs up your cereal bowl.

Baked spelt and millet flakes plus roasted flaxseed and sunflower seeds create hustle and bustle on the spoon.




  knuspur joy >>

With exquisite ingredients and our great recipe, we create a premium crunchy muesli hand-baked with love and passion: 


naturally pure delicious ...


<< Coco Loco

Magic blend of soy flakes, flaxseed, roasted almonds, pumpkin and sunflower
seeds and magically delicately melting coconut flakes.
Hey presto:
knuspur low-carb coconutty




<< Cherry Tasty

Hot love: knuspur cherry bananery. Cherry cuddles up to banana in a bed of spelt

and millet flakes. Roasted almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds complete

the yummy romp.


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